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Raw Hemp Flowers

Organically Grown dried HEMP Flowers. Complete raw hemp flowering top.

Direct from Hempture’s farm.


This is an EU approved strain called Felina 32. Grown without the use of pesticides. The flowering tops are hand picked and naturally dried. The buds range in length from 4inch to 12 inch and contain seeds which can be removed for replanting.

The uses for Hemp flowers are endless. At this price you can let your imagination run wild..

Felina 32 is a French strain that’s been grown around Europe for years now. It’s designed to produce flowers with high amounts of CBD, as well as plenty of seeds which can then be used to make hemp oil. It also has quite a high amount of fiber in its stems and trunks – you can make the most out of almost every single part of this plant.

This hemp plant is relatively easy to grow, although if you want to get the best possible results you’ll need to have a rigorous feeding schedule. It can grow anywhere between 2.5 and 3.5m tall and it’s a pretty sturdy plant. If you live somewhere slightly more humid, this strain is actually perfect – Felina 32 is a strain for Cold Climates.

This hemp plants’ main characteristics are its ability to deal with humid climates with high rain percentages, as well as its high CBD content which make it perfect for those that want to grow hemp for its flowers and their medicinal effect. Lastly, it’s known for the enormous amount of seeds that it can produce.

Felina 32 characteristics:
Type: Monoicous
Adapted to the atlantic climate
Recommended cycle: 135 days
Harvest: August outdoors
Height: +/- 2.5-3.5m
Seeds per HA: 800-1000 kg/HA
Oil in seeds: 30-32%
Fiber content: 30-35%
Biomass yield: 10-12 T/HA
CBD & CBDA: 7%
THC: Average 0.12%