Hempture rolling papers – 100% Hemp

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Hempture rolling papers

Hempture rolling papers have been created with health in mind using only 100% organic unbleached HEMP.

Hempture have created the world’s 1st dehydrated organic 100% hemp rolling-paper for the real connoisseur. By conserving the chlorophyll in the hemp plant using the flash-dehydration method, we have created the worlds first true natural rolling paper, you can really taste the difference with your herbal blends.

Due to the products we already produce we have had literally 100’s of requests over the years to produce a smoking product, we have declined, until now! We have finally been able to produce such a product that is by far the most healthiest method for those that choose to smoke.. Enjoy.

Taste the difference! We are confident once you try these papers you will never go back.

100% Natural.
100% Vegan.
We use 100% natural Arabic gum.
The papers are ultra thin.
Slow burning.
ECO, Bio degradable and have no taste.

PAPER SIZE 109×43 mm
Thin HEMP papers 14 g/m2

Booklet size:
32 papers per booklet
Width 32mm
Length 110mm
Depth 4.5mm

Our papers are the 1st rolling papers in the world to gain IIHA APPROVAL from the Irish Industrial Hemp Association. www.IIHA.ie