Hempture Original Clipper Lighter

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Hempture Clipper Lighter

HIGH QUALITY Original Refillable Clipper lighter by Hempture

It goes without saying that having a lighter is pretty important. It’s your buddy, your partner, that little pocket pal that you take with you everywhere; which is why it’s always heartbreaking when you have to retire your lighter. But thanks to the people at Clipper, you won’t ever have to feel that heartbreak again.

Representing the best of both worlds, Clipper lighters are both disposable and refillable. Better still, every Clipper lighter is equipped with a tough nylon body and a replaceable flint; which means your washing machine will never tragically claim another lighter from you ever again.

The CLIPPER brand is recognised throughout the world for its ISO 9994 certified lighters assuring consumers CLIPPER lighters are safe. They are self-extinguishing, have a fixed flame, a non-cracking body and use the safest gas butane. It’s superior quality and standards, are a reflection of their safety and reliability. There’s no one better for quality and design!

In addition, CLIPPER as a manufacturer has taken conscious steps to “reduce” their impact on the environment;

  • CLIPPER lighters are made from Nylon, the strongest plastic material there is and as a result they use less plastic overall in the manufacturing process
  • 30% of each CLIPPER lighter is made from recycled materials
  • Electricity used in CLIPPER factories comes from renewable sources
  • Energy consumed in the CLIPPER production process has been reduced by 25% in the last 3 years

Dont miss out on this collectible, once they are gone they are gone!!

The 1st lighter in the world to gain IIHA APPROVAL from the Irish Industrial Hemp Association. www.IIHA.ie